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Sep 14, 2015

Configure console access banner



I would like to configure a banner for the console access as for GUI or CLI.


I could find how to create the banner for http(s) access and also for ssh, but I can't find the same for console access. I see also that there is an option to display a message after the login, but not before.


Do you know if this configuration exists on F5?


Thank you,


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  • Hi Amolari,


    Thanks a lot for your answer. I see that we can put a motd, but this seems to be a message dispayed after logon. What I'm searching for is a message to be displayed before the login. It seems to be imposible in actual versions, so I have to wait for this feature.


    Here F5 tells that all banners may not survive to an upgrade, so we have to pay attention after each upgrade. This shouldn't be a big issue after all.


  • I haven't seen anything at the "F5-level" (gui or tmsh) to configure that. You can probably do that at the linux level and configure a motd. However, such modification may not survive a SW upgrade.