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Apr 13, 2020

client direct connect to pool member

Hi guys    I need your help !   ex architecture) pool member gateway is F5 internal self IP //    does the pool member session increasing when client direct connect to pool member and rep...
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    Apr 13, 2020



    Connections count under pool will get increment in only case when request will come to Virtual server and VS will forward it to the pool. If client is trying to connect to directly pool member, that will be separate connection all together which will not make any changes under Pool statistics. Also if web server is initiating request towards internet which is going via F5, this will also create separate connection via F5 but no change in pool statistics.


    Connections made directly to web servers or web server initiating traffic towards external services maintains separate connections and can be see under cli using - show sys connection


    Pool statistics will get incremented only when there is request on VS and VS forwarding it to Pool.


    Hope it helps!