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Aug 10, 2011

Client cert passthrough to server with i-rule

I am working with a customer that is utilizing Oracle SSO and am currently utilizing the SSL offloading at the F5. I am very new with i-rules and looking for a simple i-rule to pass the SSL data(User Cert) back to the server for authentication reasons. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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  • Hi Geoff,



    Here's an example you can try:





  • Hi Geoff,



    I've been fiddling with similar and at one point was using the following code.




    A few notes - the SSL Client Profile needs to be set to request/require for this to work as this prompts the user to supply a client certificate.




    You can un-comment the log line if you want to verify that the F5 is seeing the cert correctly. You could also change the redirect structure... in my case I was restricting users based upon the fact they *had* to present a certificate. You might have to change the header field that you insert depending on your application




    *further side note* - this does no validation of the cert - it simply passes it straight on.




    when HTTP_REQUEST {


    if { [SSL::cert count] > 0 } then {


    set a variable for the whole cert - cut out the BEGIN and END crap though


    set ssl_cert_whole [ join [string trim [string map { "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" "" "-----END CERTIFICATE-----" ""} [X509::whole [SSL::cert 0] ] ] "" ]]




    log to show we are receiving the cert


    log local0. "Client Certificate: [X509::subject [SSL::cert 0]]"




    insert the whole cert as a header


    HTTP::header insert "X-ENV-SSL_CLIENT_CERTIFICATE" $ssl_cert_whole


    } else {


    log local0. "Restricted zone. No client cert detected - redirecting."


    HTTP::redirect "https://error/error-page.htm";