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Jul 14, 2023

Cant ping default gateway vmware from internal ip f5

Hello experts,

I am newbie on this field, sorry if i lack of knowledge at some point.

So im setting up my lab with PC, F5 Big IP on esxi, and 1 node DNS server on vmware workstation. Here is my configuration:

F5 Big IP with mgmt-ip: 192.168.15.x, external-ip: 192.168.88.x, internal-ip:

Node 1 DNS server on vm:

And i can not ping from the internal-ip to DNS server, also the external-ip. So what am i wrong at? and please help me.

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  • OliverZ What are you using to allow communication from the Internal interface of the F5 to the DNS Server interface? In my virtual lab I use a virtual switch for this so please ensure that you have something similar that will allow this communication.

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      Thanks for help, i am following on some configuration on Youtube. They set up the internal-ip with the same range ip with the DNS server and they can set it up like a node sucessfully. But for me it doesnt work.

      I search for ping NAT gateway on vmware and they said it could not be ping by anyway.

      Thanks for the sollution, i'll try it right now.



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        Did the advice from Paulius work? If yes, please click Accept as Solution on his post so other users can easily find help in future searches (and he gets credit). 🙂