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Jan 21, 2011

cannot configure the monitoring to each partition

01/17/2011 12:48 PM


Hi Dave, I also have the same problem. Currently we have 2 Ltm devices with 5 partitions, and around 70 virtual ips in the biggest partition, and i cannot configure the monitoring to each partition. I can see the data being receive in the log file. There are some kind of workaround to this issue or a new Management Pack version?



Thanks, João Carmona





Dave Ruddell 01/17/2011 04:03 PM



Hey João, If you have the latest version of the Management Pack (2.1.5), then you shouldn't be seeing the error described above. If you are, let us know right away and we will try to get that fixed. If you are just trying to configure monitoring for the separate partitions, then you will have to create new views for each partition, or the objects in each partition that you care about. The general device and LTM views we include in our management pack should allow you to monitor and configure those virtual ips. As far as an easy way to create the views, I would create a simple State view and change the Criteria to show data related to F5 LTM Virtual Servers (you may have to switch the option to View All Targets) and select the condition to be "with specific Partition Name". You can then enter the partition name for this view and when the view populates, you should have a view with all Virtual Servers within that partition. You can repeat this for the other partitions as well. If you wish to create a diagram view of the individual partitions, you will have to create your own groups in the authoring section and create custom views based on those groups. I hope this has been helpful and not a repeat of what you have already tried. Good Luck, -Dave




Joao Carmona -- 01/18/2011 04:55 AM Thank you for help, Dave. I'm going to try it. Regards, João



Joao Carmona 01/21/2011 07:36 AM


Hi Dave, Due to some other problems I had to rebuild the Management Host and reinstalled the F5 Management Pack (version X64). The problem maintains


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  • Hi,



    I followed the Dave Ruddell advice, and created custom views, but only worked for the pools. I'm still having problems discovering/seeing the partitions, virtual servers and nodes.



    The only thing at this moment I can see are the pools.





    João Carmona



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    Hi João,



    In a parallel post, for your other issue with the F5 Management Pack, I asked for the verbose trace logs when you attempt a re-discovery on the F5 device. These trace logs would also give us more information on the partition statistics you're getting from the device and hopefully help us troubleshoot the problem with the partition monitoring.



    Send us please the verbose trace.log file to managementpack(at)f5(dot)com.



    Thank you!