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Apr 05, 2011

can you change the skin appearance of the f5 pages?

recently we had a huge gaff when an engineer was in prod system and he thought he was in qa. our environments match each other pretty closely. while that is being reviewed, the question came up if we can change the skin color or appearance of the f5 html pages so that it is pretty apparent when you are in one system compared to the other.



any ideas would be appreciated. i attached one area in question





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  • Hi Scott,



    That's a novel approach. I know a lot of customers individually do this with SSH sessions by manually setting their client to use different background colors.



    I don't think there is a supported method for doing this for the GUI. You could set a different login message for the live and QA units. Or maybe enforce a practice of using one browser type for live and another for QA. If you wanted to hack something, maybe you could use a VS and iRule to filter access to the GUI by user-agent. You could send a message from the iRule if the user-agent isn't correct for that environment.



    Or you could write a Greasemonkey script which does this per site/domain.



    If none of these options sound good to you, you could open a case with F5 Support and see if they know of a method. If not, they could open a request for enhancement for you.



  • Thanks Aaron,



    All good ideas. The idea of ssh - I actually have been using for sometime with all of my qa/prod devices. Issue here is most all (save one net engineer) uses the GUI. I will review these. I did open a case with F5 and emailed my SE. I think they are going to want the skin change if possible since we have so many hands in the GUI now.
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    Not sure if it'll work... But you could try changing the css files for the GUI. Which (I think from a quick find on a 10.2.0 VE edition) live in /usr/local/www/tmm/tmui/skins/whatever.css



    There's a few other directories under tmui as well... And /usr/local/www in general (xui/common/css has a few).






    cd /usr/local/www/xui/framework/images


    mount /usr -o rw,remount


    CHANGE TOP PNG : background_banner.png CHANGE F5 ICON PNG : logo_f5.png


    mount /usr -o ro,remount