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Aug 12, 2022

Can you alter a BIG-IP APM currently using Dynamic webtops to start using Storefront instead?

Please be gentle as I'm new to F5 BIG-IP. Can anyone tell me if you can alter a current APM Policy which is set to use F5 dynamic webtop to start using Citrix storefront servers instead? Or would i...
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    Aug 21, 2022

    Bit late to the party, been away. So the issue is if the configuration is in place already, especially iApp related then its not ameanable to being modified. If you do it will rebuild the entire thing. While this is great for dynamic deployment its not so great for production services.

    As Jason suggested copy the config and deploy it elsewhere with a different listener address to tinker. Preferably a VE image, until you are sure the components look correct and the inbound and egress endpoint look ok. You should be able to test against that so see if things behave as expected. Once you are happy you can tear down the old and re-deploy in a staging environment to validate it all works before final prod deployment.