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Jan 04, 2022

Can we use HD2 for software image installation ?


Hi Team ,


HD1 has no free space to install the new image ,So when I try to select HD2 it shows no free space but it has 20GB capacity .

Can you please advice if we can use HD2 ?


sys disk logical-disk HD1 {

  mode mixed

  size 128000

  vg-free 248

  vg-in-use 127532

  vg-reserved 0


sys disk logical-disk HD2 {

  mode none

  size 20480

  vg-free 0

  vg-in-use 0

  vg-reserved 4096



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  • ​Above output doesn't give much details but Can you delete partitions HD1.2 and recreate partitions & install software.​

    Is it cloud based F5 subscription? ​