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Nov 13, 2018

Can we avail the F5 free training labs to other location apart from "Trial US West"? free of cost



I frequently use the F5 online free traininglabs. This is extremely useful to brushup concepts and while deploying different requirements in production network. but the only challenge is F5 offers only US West as trial location, now this gets challenging as I live in India and the latency from India to US West sucks. I want to know can we avail the same service (Free of cost) within ASIAPAC or may be Australia? I know im not willing to pay but at the same time Im getting more comfortable to F5 products in compare to other vendors, so I would more inclined to suggest F5 products instead of other vendors! so may be F5 is loosing a peanut amount but providing labs for free to all regions but think of the when a company orders bulkload of Viprions, which only was possible because F5 encouraged people to learn there products uptill expert level.




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