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Jul 20, 2021

Can the SILO feature be used for separating the environments in Big IQ?

Hi all,


I am working on an existing environment of a few F5 Big IP LTMs and I am onboarding them on Big IQ. Many object names are duplicated and I know that I can create a silo in order to isolate the selected device and fix the situation.


So my question is: what if I create a few silos and use them to separate the environments and keep them as they are, instead of fixing the names? It almost looks like when in a silo, the device is not really managed by the Big IQ, is it correct?


Thank you in advance.

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  • I'm having the same question. I think the way BigIQ handles the configuration objects is quite far away from reality and as soon as you try to manage dozens of devices in different environments with different requirements you will never ever get everything straight.


  • I had the same doubt. But different F5 articles address this point: Silos are not intended to separate enviroments: : Starting with BIG-IQ 7.1, you can now import devices with object naming collisions into a temporary “silo” on BIG-IQ. Think of this as a quarantine area that doesn’t impact the rest of BIG-IQ or overwrite shared objects which may have different configurations on other BIG-IP’s. This will allow you to rename the configuration objects on BIG-IP using BIG-IQ. Once all of the conflicting objects that need to remain unique have been renamed, the device can be re-imported fully into BIG-IQ without the need for a silo. : Silos are meant to be temporary so that an Admin can view and then resolve conflicts,. The ultimate goal is to be able to resolve any conflicts from BIG-IQ and then remove this device from its Silo, and eventually re-import back into the default Silo.