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Sep 24, 2020

can ssl offloading be done with port 80

Hi Team ,


Just want to check if we have a VIP set up on port 80 with SSL offloading will work or not , I know http port 80 is for unencrypted session , However if i add client sssl profile to VS listening on port 80 with validate certificate .

Will client able to connect to VS successfuly on port 80 with ssl offloading or SSL offloading can be done on port 443 or port8090 only .

If I add the servel ssl profile and pool members are on port 80 and server enable ssl offloading on port 80 will that work or not


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  • While the answer is "yes you can" it would be entirely confusing and you would have to require clients type in the address as follow because https assumes port 443 in my limited browser testing I've done.

  • A browser when specified protocol, i.e. http / https / ftp assumes the port to be standard.


    Though, you may specify the port at the end of host or IP and it can work with any custom port you decide.


    Like : - is a non-secure URL (VIP need to match other requirements)

    Similarly : - is a secure URL (VIP need to match other requirements)