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Oct 05, 2010

Can I load balance diameter sessions based on diameter transactions rather than client connections ?

We have configured the F5 to work with two FEs (diameter), we have a load distribution set to "ratio member" with 75% to FE1 and 25% to F2, also we have diameter profile set, so we are expecting the load to be distributed on diameter layer. We can see that F5 is distributing the connections (CER) in that fashion (3 CER to FE1 and 1 to FE2), but I was expecting the F5 to create links (send CER) to all members and distribute the diameter requests (transactions) like 75% to FE1 and 25% to FE2. Summarizing, I want to have distribution on diameter transactions (requests), not on connections like it is doing now, so do you know what am I missing in our configuration?v