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Mar 18, 2013

can F5 support RMI

can LTM 10.2.3 support RMI, so far what I read it can't . do I need iControl for this to work?


please let me know.





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  • RMI is TCP based so there's no reason it can't using iRules. What features are you actually looking for?
  • for what i read on another post dev central it can't be supported>



    John Gruber


    05/15/2012 05:19 AM Alert


    Java RMI uses a Java specific method of network serialization, or else CORBA IIOP, to marshal object on the wire. iControl is a SOAP HTTP service. That means it uses SOAP XML messages inside HTTP POST requests as defined by the iControl WSDLs. The iControl service on the Big-IP devices isn't written in Java and doesn't support IIOP, so the answer is no.





  • OK, so to clarify for my and other's benefit, you wish to use RMI to control the BIG-IP or you wish to load balance RMI traffic?