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May 05, 2023

Bug ID 1182613 - New Workaround

I found a new workaround for the following bug, that fills up /var/log dir:

Bug ID 1182613: BIG-IP Version 15.1.8 installed as a tenant on CX410 or rSeries systems see continuous 'Unable to Notify Tenant stats' log in /var/log/ltm

Instead of requesting and installing an engineering hotfix to address the problem, I suggest to simply add a log filter with the following details:

- Severity: Warning
- Source: all
- Message ID: 01d50005
- Log Publisher: None

Hope that helps to address the issue.

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  • Nice workaround, M_Dietz.

    One could argue that it's not even a workaround, but a great use case for using BIG-IP functionality for its intended purpose!

    I haven't had to build them before personally, so I took the opportunity to do so, thanks for the nudge...

    In tmsh:


    sys log-config filter cosmetic_1182613 {
        description "Bug ID 1182613 workaround"
        level warn
        message-id 01d50005


    In the GUI:

    For those interested in learning more about log filtering, reference knowledge article K35284961.