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Nov 10, 2021

BigIP report kind of tool for BIG IP DNS

Do we have any script like BIG IP report for GTMs as well. Big IP report works well with LTM and Virtual Servers but i am looking for same kind of script for BIG IP GTM/DNS which can map WideIP to its Pool/Members in the backend.

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  • Can you provide some screenshots from that tool with some notes of what you'd like replicated for F5 DNS? Or at least a feature list with details?


     , is your project somewhere it can be forked and open for pull requests to add enhancements?

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      Thanks  .

      I am looking for the some kind of GUI based report in the below format how we have it for LTM now.

      Wide IP, WIP Alias, irules, LB Method, Persistance, Last resort, Pools Name, Pool LB, Fallback, Pool members, Member Name, Service Port, Server Name, DC


      If its something you can help with PR request then it save me lot of manual effor to map Wide IP --> Pools --> Pool Members --> Virtual server(LTM) . From earlier Patrik work I can do a VLOOKUP and can match up to the end host.

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      Hi   - This script does provide us data in format of excel/csv. If we can reuse the same script and come up with GUI like how Patrik did with LTM then it will be more help ful.

      My intention is to try to consolidate the report of both GTM and LTM so that i can have end to end mapping from first DNS query to the end server the packet goes for an application.

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        Well its still doable. The output was simply put in csv format, so it can be used in excel for ease use. And thats the easiet way to do by saving is in csv format.


        If you'd like to open the same output in GUI/Browser. We'll simply have to convert this csv file to html file. I personally use my bash script convertor to covert my csv outputs to html table format for easy GUI presentation.


        But I see your end goal is to map both GTM & LTM objects together in a tree like hierarchy, this requires lot of effort and database mapping & indexing.


        Though, there's already a tool in the market, its AppViewX & its paid. There's control center feature in it, which acts like a google search engine. You just type your GTM object or LTM object, the results would show you top to bottom (From WIP to LTM to Pool members mapping).


        Maybe if Patrick can bring this feature, but damn sure its lot of effort & requires database.