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Jan 06, 2011

BIGIP LTM 9.3 upgrade to 10.2.....

I get the following output for the available partitions to copy the new image to:



[root@INQVA1-F501:Standby] images im BIGIP-


/tmp/rpmdisk.zEHvqN /shared/images


info: media has tm_install version 2.6.2, release 40.0


info: adding bin/../isolinux/install/tm_install.rpm to system...


info: media has perl-RPM2 version 0.67, release


info: adding bin/../isolinux/install/perl-RPM2.rpm to system...


The im utility is no longer used to upgrade software images.


Please use 'image2disk'. For help, use 'image2disk -h'.


You must always install to an image location that is not in use.


Here is your current image-location status:




CF1.1 active no default no title BIG-IP 9.1.0 Build 6.2


HD1.1 active yes default yes title BIG-IP 9.3.0 Build 178.5




[root@INQVA1-F501:Standby] images




Can I copy the new image to the CF1.1 partition?




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    You can't upgrade a 9.1 build to version 10.2, you'd have to upgrade this first to 9.3 or above for you to be able to do this.



  • Nathan,



    I am copying all of the info from the 9.3 build that I am running on the server. Cant I just copy over that image on the CF partition using the 9.3 config and license information?





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    Do you mean using the config.ucs file from the version 9.3 partition? I've not done an upgrade to v10 but from other upgrades I'm sure if you overwrite a partition, even if you use the config.ucs file from an upgradeable version, the partition itself needs to be the correct version for upgrade. In this case v9.3.



    If I'm way off the mark I'm sure other peeps will let us both know.



  • Here's the 10.2 Release Notes which describe each upgrading scenario.

    You cannot roll forward a configuration directly to this version from BIG-IP version 4.x or from BIG-IP versions 9.0.x through 9.2.x. You must be running software version 9.3.x, 9.4.x, 9.6.x, or 10.x. For details about upgrading to those versions, see the release notes for the associated release.
  • I guess my main question was can I untilize the CF1.1 partition to install the 10.2 image. I see image2disk commands with the instslot command only referencing HD not CF drives.



    Any thoughts?


  • I'd ask support. I expect that performance would be degraded using CF instead of HD but they might have different opinions.
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    From the doc Chris mentioned:



    Minimum system requirements and supported browsers


    The minimum system requirements for this release are:


    •System hard drive


    •1 GB RAM



    Note: You cannot run this software on a CompactFlash® media drive; you must use the system's hard drive.



    v10.1 allowed you to install there but then failed (SOL12346) but in v10.2 it doesn't give you the (mistaken) option anymore.