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Oct 24, 2011

BigIP Link Controller Virtual Edition?



i dont know if i am here at the right section... if i don't, excuse me for it


i have question about BigIP link controller. does this appliance come's also as a virtual edition ?


if so, could someone give me where i can find more information about it please, like min sys-req's and so on...




thank you




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    There are currently no plans to support Link Controller as a VE. If you need this functionality, what you can do is run Local Traffic Manager and Global Traffic Manager on the same virtual machine. This will have the same features as LC, plus a lot more.
  • Hi Mike.



    thank you for your reply



    Clear. lets say if i run the LTM and GTM. how is the license scenario basically arranged? more.. expansive than LC itself?



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      I am just curious, I did see an SKU item called BIG-IP Link Controller Module, F5-ADD-BIG-LC. At least, from appliance perspective, we can add-on an LC module.


      So if LTM can be used to monitor ISP routers because a router is considered a node, what is the LC add-on module for? For additional features such as cost-link ratio?


      Also, I believe many people said LTM+GTM is like an LC product but better. However in configuration stand point, I thought LC module looks more straight forward.


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    Yes, that's the unfortunate part. The license for LTM+GTM is more expensive, since it's two licenses and much greater functionality. I'd suggest you talk with your sales team to work it out.