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Oct 22, 2020

BigIP HA synchronisation after reboot



I have a basic question,


I have 2 BigIP 2600 in HA mode since february 2020 that we use as vpn ssl server for 


Since march I have made very few changes on the configuration because a lot of people

are working remote.



I change the configuration on the box called  styx1

then for synchro I push the change from styx1 to the second box styx2



I have made a reboot on styx2 today.

After this operation the Gui propose to resynchronise the configuration

with a push from styx2 to styx1  


I dont understand why I have to do this.


can I keep the push from styx1 to styx2 ...


Thanks for your answer & sorry for the translation


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  • if you didnt make changes on the styx2 in the mean time you want to keep then a sync from styx1 to styx2 is fine.


    during things like reboots or broken cluster the system might forget which configuration is the correct one and think something changed on the standby one.

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    Yes I did it, and still working :)

    Thanks you for your answer !