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Jan 11, 2019

BIG-IQ - Replacing bigip.conf file from old UCS

When I originally set up an initial BIG-IQ on some 7000 hardware chassis, it took me a long time to finally get the LDAP settings correct.

We've since removed those chassis and I'm working in a VE for BIG-IQ. I'm following the steps here to extract specific files from a UCS.

I'd like to restore the User Management > Auth Providers entirely, but

cp /var/tmp/old/config/bigip/auth/* /config/bigip/auth/
doesn't appear to be working.

Is there a better way to do this? Restoring from UCS but editing the management IP address? I'm open to ideas.

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  • I've copied the extracted

    file to
    , renamed it to
    and then
    tmsh /save/sys config partitions all

    After the config saves, the bigip.conf file reverts to the previous default configuration.

  • If you are editing the config files directly, you will need to use the 'tmsh load sys config' command. The config files on the F5 devices are considered the startup configuration files and so every time you save the system configuration, you are overwriting the startup config with whatever the currently running config is. Be careful with editing config files directly and ensure you make plenty of backups.


    Hope this helps.