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Jul 18, 2012

Big IP VE Trial License

I registered for a trial license for Big IP LTM VE. I was sent an email that had software links to 9.x, 10.x, and 11.x. I was also sent a key.



When I try to register my license, it gives me error 51133, which after some research on this site seems to indicate that I am trying to license the wrong version.



Am I wrong in assuming that an email with a license key and a link, with no other instructions, is giving me a license for all the software contained on the linked page? If this is not the case, the download page, or the email should specify what products are supported by the key.



When I ran the license info of my key through the page where you can request information, it seems to indicate that my license is for 9.x?



This version is no good to me, as we are running multiple 11.2 boxes on our network. This VE box is just for some short term testing before future upgrades. Is it not possible to get a temp license for 11.2?



Any illumination would be appreciated.



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    Sorry for the confusion. The free trial key is only valid for version 10.1.



    Your local sales team would be happy to provide a temp key for 11.2. If you don't know who that is, this will help:

  • I had the same issue due to my MAC addresses randomly bouncing to different network interfaces ( check via ifconfig -a) I beleive the "internal" not the "management" address is the key item that has to remain constant.