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Aug 09, 2022

BIG-IP syslog - send logs with UTC timezone, while APM is in different timezone


I'm lookign for a way to send out logs to remote syslog server with UTC timestamp.

APM is using corporate NTP server that are in GMT +1 time zone and that's how the logs are being send.

I tried to edit /sys syslog all-properties and add something like below to have date in ISO format + timezone amended. However as ISODATE is working, time_zone variable is not ( I tried it with "UTC", "GMT, "-01:00", etc)

Any other options I could use ?


options { proto-template(t_isostamp); };
template t_isostamp { template(\"$ISODATE $HOST $MSGHDR$MSG\\n\"); };

destination d_remote_loghost {
        tcp(\"x.x.x.x\" port(514) template(t_isostamp) time_zone(UTC));