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Nov 28, 2020

BIG-IP can't send emails Alert when match SNMP trap condition defined in user_alert.conf file

My BigIP device is running on version v16.0.1.

I setup /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf file with below option:

  • TLS_CA_FILE=/etc/pki/tls/certs/ca-bundle.crt
  • AuthUser=XXXX
  • AuthPass=XYXYX
  • UseTLS=Yes

Testing ssmtp running well: printf "Subject: Test email for K13180\n\nssmtp test mail" | ssmtp -v


I defined user_alert.conf as below -

  • alert CERTIFICATE_EXPIRED "Certificate (.*) expired" {
  • snmptrap OID=".";
  • email toaddress=""
  • body="Certificate Expired on <BIG-IP>"
  • }
  • alert CERTIFICATE_WILL_EXPIRE "Certificate (.*) will expire" {
  • snmptrap OID=".";
  • email toaddress=""
  • body="Certificate will Expire on <BIG-IP>"
  • }

Testing the email notification:

#tmsh create sys crypto key SOL15288testcert gen-certificate lifetime 10 common-name

#tmsh run sys crypto check-cert


I don't receive any email for this testing. I don't know why it's not run.


Can anyone help me?!!!


Thanks so much.

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  • In reading K15288, the steps for configuring the BIG-IP system to use an SMTP server when using BIG-IP v11.5.0 or later (which v16 is) do not call for modifying /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf but rather ask you to use TMSH command instead, specifically:

    (tmos)# modify /sys outbound-smtp mailhub <mail_server>:<port>

    For example, to configure the system to send email messages to host using port 587, you would type the following command:

    (tmos)# modify sys outbound-smtp mailhub

    The instructions for modifying the /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf file apply only to BIG-IP versions 11.0.0 through 11.4.1.

    Can you try the TMSH solution and see if that works, please?

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    Hi Crodriguez,


    I try to setup both ssmtp.config and TMSH modify sys outbound-smtp mailhub methods.

    sys outbound-smtp {

      from-line-override enabled





    The testing also failure.

    But I realize that when I modify mailhub by TMSH, the mailhub option in ssmtp.config also change accordingly.