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Feb 05, 2023

Big IP ASM and Google CDN


We have our sites witn BigIP ASM enabled,  and also have  google CDN.  But Google CDN does not store in cache pages with  Set-Cookie  in response.

BigIP send "ASM Main cookie" , so  allways is a "Set-cookie" in response.

How can I stop sending "ASM Main cookie"  for selected urls or files, like  *.png *.js  for start working with cache CDN?


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  • Do keep in mind if you remove the ASM cookie(s) that certain features dont work anymore or work less optimal. It might not be what you want.

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      Some Cache CDN like "Google Cloud CDN" not caching when Set-cookie it is in response, but static pages, like images, is usefull they  stay in cache, and not not arrive to ASM frecuently, CDN must respond to request.  but for that could be an "feature option" for certain URL or filetypes not sent "Set-Cookie" to enable Cache proccessing.
      I think irule option mencioned is a good but need to reduce the action for filetypes or url.


  • Hi pcsrac , 
    I am not aware with your implementation , but I believe you need to remove the TS ASM Cookie , 
    So you can check the below Article :

    you will use an iRule to achieve this also I think you need to to do this in responses so you should change the "when HTTP_REQUEST_RELEASE " to be " when HTTP_RESPONSE_RELEASE " to make it triggers in response time instead of Request time. 
    you can also take a look in this Article :

    I hope it helps you.