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Sep 25, 2018

403 Forbidden google chrome

Hi,first time in Devcental:


I have a rare issue I thing, I´m having problems with one VS, when the users have access to the app "; through https and try to login the the app respond with the next text:


403 Forbidden


The request can not be processed because Cross Origin Sharing requests are not supported or the request origin does not have permissions to access this resource. If you are going to use a reverse proxy for the connection of ords, make sure that the front-end server propagates the host name; for mod_proxy, make sure 'ProxyPreserveHost' is set to 'On.


But this issue just appear in google chrome, when the users use mozilla or explorer they can use their user and pass without problem and even if they use http instead of https in google chrome they can get access.


I have my ssl_client_profile and I have applied irules to solve the problem of Cross Origin and mod_proxy but the result is the same.


someone know How Can I resolve this issue?