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Oct 02, 2021

bash: mail: command not found

same works with version 12 and below but in 15 its not working .

do i need to install any tools to use mail like " yum -y install mailx" ?..


Command i am using is echo "test mail" | mail -vs "Test email "


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  • Hi,

    You can use ssmtp command.

    echo "Subject: ssmtp test mail" | ssmtp
  • Hello Karthikeyan.


    You can try this




  • no its still not working all configurations remains the same .This worked before "df -h | mail -vs "free space " "but with  new version this is not.

    need a replacement for this .

  • You could always copy /bin/mail from an older system and add it to the path or your scripts directory (and give it execute permissions via chmod +x mail).  This has worked for me.