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Jan 18, 2012

b conn client any6 delete

Hi everyone



What happens when we run "b conn client any6 delete" command? I have only production system, i am not try it yet. Any idea?


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  • Hi Zafer,



    See SOL7758 for details:



    sol7758: The bigpipe conn show command displays any6:any in the output table




    You can view the connections that would be deleted using b conn without the delete command:



    I think this SOL applies to v11 as well. Can you update it with tmsh examples?





    b conn client any6



    tmsh show sys conn ss-server-addr any6


    tmsh show sys conn cs-client-addr any6


    tmsh show sys conn cs-server-addr any6



    See 'b conn help' or tmsh help sys conn for details.



  • Thanks Aaron



    I need learn what happens when i accidentally run "b conn client any6 delete" command?


    All the connections will be broken, am i right?



  • Yes, any connections listed in the 'b conn client any6' output would be removed.