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Jan 21, 2021

Automation steps help on F5 LTM

Hello Team,

I'm trying to automate the repetitive task on F5 LTM ( Adding the application server / Removing the application servers). Can I try with Anisble?


or a Phyton script would be a better option?


It would be great help if you could you share some ideas to accomplish my goal?




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  • To me, python would be a better option than ansible, because you'd need ansible setup defined 1st.

    Go with python, thats my take.

    I'm sure there would be some post or articles on this too, refer that.

  • Do you have an automation strategy in mind for the long term? I agree with  that a python (or similar) script makes sense if all you're going to do is make adding/removing app servers a little easier. But even that might benefit from a thoughtful analysis of what you can start today versus what you would like to achieve tomorrow. For example, if you have a lot of app servers you will be adding/removing, you could build an app template that will take in the *expected* app servers, whatever that state is, and then send the declaration to AS3 to update current state on the BIG-IP. You have a lot of options, but I'd encourage you to think through where you are today, where you'd like to go, and then post back with a strategy. There are a lot of people here who can help you work through the details.