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May 20, 2012

Auth profile for certain uri

Im new to irules and until now i only wrote very simple irules.


now i need to set a authentication profile for one of my web apps.


i only have one virtual server which i use for different web apps, and now i need to set only authentication profile for one web app, meaning that when a user types a certain uri he will be authenticated with his domain credentials, all of the others apps shouldn't be effected.


I already spent hours trying to figure out how to make it works but without any luck.


I also searched excessively in devcentral and although i found some useful info, i didn't found exactly what i need.



Ill appreciate any information or reference on how to make it work.




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  • Hi Nimo,



    There is no why that I am aware of to enable / disable an Authentication Profile based on an URI value with an iRule. You can check the status of the profile using the PROFILE command, but it will only give you the current value (none if none applied) of the PROFILE::auth.



    You can use the AUTH Command, but you will have to build / mimic the profile entirely within the iRule.



    Sorry I couldn't provide more information on it.