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Mar 04, 2022

ASM, Exchange 2016 iApp and Attack Signatures

What are experiences trying to build an ASM policy for Exchange 2016?

Looking at what appears to be valid requests, I would need to disable 10-20 Attack Signature IDs.    Is there more information for OWA and Outlook Anywere web services?


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  • The ASM module in conjunction with the Exchange 2016 iApp and ASM attack signatures provides a comprehensive security solution for the Microsoft Exchange 2016 platform.

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      I'm using the iapp.  Still I have many Attack Signatures that I'll need to disable before I can move to blocking mode.  

  • Hi The-messenger,

    the Exchange iApp has been deprecated and replaced with FAST.
    See K13422: F5-supported and F5-contributed iApp templates
    and also F5 Application Services Templates (FAST).

    In AWAF (versions 13.x to 15.x) there is no specific Exchange 2016 Template available, but there is a template for Exchange version 2013 and later. See K08491971: Is there AWAF Policy template available for Outlook-2013.
    Also in AWAF 16.1 there is an Application Ready Template for Exchange 2016.


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