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Mar 26, 2012

ASM - Device Segregration withen itself

Hello ,


Can asm versions 10.2.2 or 11 (or any other) have device segregration capabiltiy withen itself. E.g. if some reason the first partition goes down ,then the second partition takes over. (Note - Im not refering to failover reduntant arrangement between 2 asm devices, rather withen 1 asm device)


Would appreciate any inputs on this







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  • Hi Nik,



    If you want isolation of resources and failover to separate instances within the same chassis, you could look at ASM Virtual Edition where ASM runs as a guest in a non-F5 hypervisor on non-F5 hardware. Or you could use vCMP where ASM would run as a guest on an F5 hypervisor on F5 hardware.



    You could talk with your F5 or partner SE about these options.