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Apr 06, 2023

AS3 pool members using a list

I have started to play with AS3. I've tried some examples and they work fine.

But I have counter a problem. Maybe it is not possible.

I am using Terraform and AS3 data template to configure a virtual server. 

data template_file "init" {
  template = file("example.tpl")
  vars = {
    VIP = var.VIP
    POOL = var.POOL
    LB_MODE = var.LB_MODE
    MEMBERS = jsonencode(var.MEMBERS)
resource "bigip_as3"  "as3-deploy-tenant" {
     as3_json = data.template_file.init.rendered

MEMBERS is a list :

variable "MEMBERS" {
  type    = list(string)
  default = []
MEMBERS = ["",""]

 I am using jsonencode() function as it seems this is used for lists in Terraform.

It seemed it did not work. I get this:

Planning failed. Terraform encountered an error while generating this plan.

│ Error: "as3_json" contains an invalid JSON: invalid character '1' after array element

│ with bigip_as3.as3-deploy-tenant,
│ on line 25, in resource "bigip_as3" "as3-deploy-tenant":
│ 25: resource "bigip_as3" "as3-deploy-tenant" {

It works if MEMBERS is just a string variable. Or if I choose just the first element of the list for example without the jsonencode function.

But I was wondering if I could use a list because I ma trying to do this in my template file:

"${POOL}": {
"class": "Pool",
"monitors": [
"members": [
"servicePort": 80,
"serverAddresses": [

Thanks in advance for any hint you might have.

  • Try removing the square brackets and quotes around the ${MEMBERS} variable in the JSON. I spotted this example from one of Sebastian_Maniak 's guides:

    in the module:
        MY_POOLMEMBERS = jsonencode(var.pool_members)
    in the json:
              "members": [{
                "servicePort": 80,
                "shareNodes": true,
                "serverAddresses": ${MY_POOLMEMBERS}


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