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Jun 30, 2021

AS3 Extension in VS Code

I'm currently testing deployments in AS3 trying to understand it more for our PROD Environment.

I'm trying to streamline the process and possibly parameterize the JSON file. Need some help understanding what is what. I tried to change "serviceMain" to another Virtual Server name and it through an error at me.

Also with the serverAddresses, If I put the same IP as nodes that already exist, it won't let me add that to a pool. my guess is it's trying to create brand new nodes with the same IP and saying it already exists. How come it doesn't add the existing nodes into the pool?

I just need an overall understanding of what I'm doing in my test environment.

  "$schema": "",
  "class": "AS3",
  "action": "deploy",
  "persist": true,
  "declaration": {
    "class": "ADC",
    "schemaVersion": "3.0.0",
    "id": "urn:uuid:33045210-3ab8-4636-9b2a-c98d22ab915d",
    "label": "Sample 1",
    "remark": "Simple HTTP application with RR pool",
    "josh_partition": {
      "class": "Tenant",
      "A1": {
        "class": "Application",
        "template": "http",
        "serviceMain": {
          "class": "Service_HTTP",
          "virtualAddresses": [
          "pool": "josh_test_pool"
        "josh_test_pool": {
          "class": "Pool",
          "monitors": [
          "members": [
              "servicePort": 88,
              "serverAddresses": [

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  • Figured it out. Had to take out "template" : "http" and Schema


    Guessing the template was specifically looking for serviceMain.