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Apr 05, 2011

ARX reset root/admin password

Hey all,



I couldn't find a great place to post this, so I've ended up here. Does anyone know how to reset the ARX admin/root password to factory, or at least force it to go through initial setup? We have an ARX in our lab that no body remembers what the password is... I'l like to get this guy setup and start playing around with it.




Please help!


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  • Assuming ARX is still based on linux.. I have no experience with it whatsoever.. You would follow standard linux procedures to do a password recovery, password reset, for root.



    Boot into single user mode





    once you're in the desired boot image is loaded you should be able to reset the password without provided the old one by issue passwd




    Hope that helps..
  • Official answer



    - Connect console cable to console port.


    - Power cycle the ARX.


    - When you see Press `ESC' to enter the menu...


    - Hit the down arrow key get to option 2 (Offline Diagnostics) and hit enter.



    - It will boot into OFDM (OFFline Diagnostics Mode).


    - Eventually it will present the OFDM menu.



    - Select option 3 to clear the Switch Configuration



    - Select option 1 to Restore factory Configuration



    - You should end up back at the interview wizard