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Oct 28, 2011

ARX migration Question - migrate files leaving the source in place

Does anyone have a suggestion for migrating data from one filesystem to another where the original files are left in place without using the ~acopia folder? I've been able to migrate data in the past, but the only way to leave the files on the source seems to be to check the box for "retain files on migrate" which places them in the ~acopia folder.



I'm open to trying any number of options maybey some form of volume to volume copy?




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    File migration within an ARX virtualized filesystem only ever changes the storage location, not the file name. It is not possible to both "migrate" a file and "leave it", since that would create 2 files with the same name.



    If what you want to do is copy data to a new file system, then perhaps shadow volume is what you want.



    What are you attempting to accomplish with this file copy? Backup? retiring old storage? (Or put another way, why do you want to retain the files on the old location?)
  • Thanks for the reply.



    I'm trying to retire old storage for people who are risk averse. Leaving files in the ~acopia folder is seen as a risk. Retaining the old files in the original location is seen by the customer as the safest way to proceed. So, yes, I'm looking to make a copy more so than migrate.



    I'm trying a shadow copy in my test enviornment. Are there some good links on Shadow volume tips / usage?



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    I don't have good pointers to shadow volume, other than the doc set. I don't think anything is in the Tech Tips area yet.



    Basically, you could set up 2 volumes: one consisting of old storage, one w/new storage. Leave your users accessing the "old storage" volume through the ARX VIP while shadow copies to the "new storage" volume. Once the copy is complete, switch the VIP to point to the new volume. This requires 2 "cut-in" outages: once to move your clients to the VIP from the original storage, and one to flip the VIP to the new storage. (No, it will not work to have the clients access the old storage while the copy is in progress)