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Feb 08, 2019

APM: URI rewrite engine



On a F5 APM for webportal, i changed the rewrite profile in order to:


all uri like :// rewrite other (external uri) : not rewrited


so in the profile i activated split and put the scheme uri on the rewrite list and empty on the Bypass list.


All loooks good (for exemple : rewrite) and : not rewrite.


My problem: from this portal, i go to a webmail appliation (outlook through other LB F5) and in a test mail has two links: one inside the domain and a public (twitter) : For this two links, nothing is rewritten.


I only saw a difference which is 'xxx/owa/redir.aspx?xxxx'


So i think but i m not an expert :-) that once int he webmail application, the redirect exit the webportal and thus no rewrite.


  • solved : the problem was only that i did not use the fqdn but the ip address in my test...