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Mar 15, 2021

APM Split tunnel

Hi we have deployed a split tunnel in APM to ensure MS Teams traffic goes outside of the tunnel as per F5 guidelines. However, we have several Win10 users who connect to this but their traffic to Teams fails (they get page cannot be displayed type errors). What can be checked to verify this? A simple tracert shows the first hop as their home router (not F5) and ping resolves all the well known microsoft domains like Users have uninstalled edge client multiple times and deleted Teams cache with no improvement. User can login fine to Teams on same device when not connected to APM. F5 support have been unable to help too.

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  • Is it only happening for win10 users or any other windows OS user? I can think of following points.


    • I would suggest to see if "Allow Local DNS Servers" option is checked under NACL.
    • Also please verify, if initital authentication with O365 is working fine. Is it using SAML federation with on-prem IDP and Does it need to go via VPN tunnel?
    • Can you connect to once you have full vpn tunnel? if not, check in the developer tools in the browser where it fails.
    • If it's working on other windows platforms other than 10, what's special with this build?
    • Involve MS support to troubleshoot as well where this is failing