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Dec 11, 2021

APM SAML SP Login - RelayState Error



We currently have Ansible setup with SAML SP login via Microsoft ADFS.  This works fine.  We are looking to migrate away from ADFS and start using APM as the Identity Provider (idP).


With the F5 setup as the idP and Ansible (SP initiated login), when the user is redirected back to Ansible they receive a "RelayState" error message on the Ansible login screen.  No other message or errors are shown.  We have tried setting the F5 Ansible SP connector "Relay State" value to the same value referenced in the Ansible Tower SAML configuration guide (see link below), with no luck.


Please let me know if anyone has seen this "RelayState" error?


Thank you!


  1. Set the RelayState on the IdP to the key of the IdP definition in the SAML Enabled Identity Providers field as previously described. In the example given above, RelayState would need to be either myidp or onelogin.


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