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Oct 11, 2011

APM + iOS Edge Client + Client Certificate + RSA + AD




Has anyone managed to configure the iOS edge client in this manner:




VPE policy on APM configured for



Logon page -> RSA -> AD -> Network Access resource assign -> allow



Virtual server with above VPE profile



With a client ssl profile that requires a client cert



iOS edge client set to relevant URL and 'web logon' set to on




We need to use client certs to validate the machine, then the user auth is done through AD and RSA, which means that we must use web logon. Unfortunately web logon seems to result in no ability to use client certs so we are somewhat catch 22.



Any help is appreciated.





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    Hey Chris,



    You'll also need an On-demand certificate VPE object, but yeah one seems to cancel out the other. Might be worthwhile logging a support case to get this put up as a feature request!