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Aug 02, 2011

Another source routing question




I searched the forum but haven't found any similar issue except this one



I have read all the answers but can not find a clear solution to my problem. The scenario is very simple:


| |




| |


| |






- F5 1600 platform 10.2.1 build 511 -















Default router on real servers is


Default router on F5 is



Same clients can connect to virtual servers on VLAN 10 and VLAN 20. Because default router on F5 is, when a client connect to a virtual server on VLAN 20, the outbound traffic is dropped at F5 because the incoming interface is different from the outgoing interface.



Auto Last Hop functionality seems not working properly, because routers are on different VLANs. Perhaps the solution may be to configure 2 default routers, 1 on each VLAN ?



My question is, Is there anyway to return the traffic based on virtual server ? I mean, if the client connects to a virtual server on the VLAN 10, return traffic through the router on VLAN 10 and also if the same connects to a virtual server on the VLAN 20, return traffic through the router on VLAN 20.



Can I use Last Hop Pool option in virtual servers ?



Thanks in advance


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  • You can try Lasthop pool and turn off Auto Lasthop, but Auto Lasthop should be taking care of the return path. It has been a while since I've had problem with Auto Lasthop, but you may also want to open a case report it to F5 support.
  • Route domains should fix this issue for you. An interesting test would be to remove the default route. If it still works (and it absolutely should, btw), you know auto lasthop is acting normally and that the DR is trumping its behavior...



    -- Matt