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May 22, 2012

Analytics causes problems




Has anyone experienced problems caused by enabling an Analytics profile to a VS?


Lately I have experienced problems at two customer sites when I enabled an analytics profile.



The first problem was a java applet that stopped working. When I checked the first lines of the site I got this.





/// ///



The first line 1bF0 should not be there. When I disabled Analytics profile the 1bf0 was gone.


Another problem was on a site we are soon to migrate from another LB to F5 was where Analytics would cause a lot of strange characters and all over the site if we hit refresh of the page, so I had to disable it there to.



Kind regards



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  • Hi Bjarne,



    I suggest opening a case with F5 Support when you see issues like these. They'll be able to help diagnose and work around the issues.