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May 18, 2023

allow * to connect to a virtual server


i have a VIP that should only be accessable by domain * - i have AFM provisioned and a DNS resolver . but the Rule cannot take * as source . 

is there a way to achieve this .


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  • awan_m I don't believe this is possible because the AFM would perform a DNS lookup for the literal DNS record of * instead of what you most likely want which is any sub-domain of I don't know if I would allow that through either if you could because that is a significant amount of sources that could potentially be allowed through depending on DNS resolution. What is the purpose of the VIP that you need to allow any sub-domain of through?

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      thanks for the reply - its a specific domain IPs to be able to connect to a VIP that presents an API . the problem with an ip address list is that i will change all the time . i need to resolve the requestors IP to a domain and if its * the allow it to connect .

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        awan_m It seems like the options you have is to ask Microsoft for specific FQDNs that will resolve to the appropriate IPs or to ask them for the IP ranges that the requests could come from and allow those IP ranges.