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Mar 21, 2019

All Previous Configuration gone.

I am in great trouble. I am using F5 (big-IP) trail and configured it. It was running smoothly. With some power interrupt the big-IP got restart and it got back to it's default mode e.g. non of my configuration was there. In the mean time i purchased the F5 and i want my all configuration which i done in the trial F5.


Is there anyway to get back that configuration which in done in trial mode?


Need urgent help.


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    you cannot restore it without having any older UCS or configuration files of the system. its a good practice to take the UCS backup after your last change, you can restore in worst situations.


  • Thanks for the mail.


    I don't done any backup. So no backup is there all is erased.


  • Hi Rockers,

    it's normal for you to lose the configuration after a reboot. you're sure you did not switch to another partition.

    Using CLI can you enter this command and provide me output:

    switchboot -l

    Thank you regards,