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Jun 06, 2011

add pool question (JSP)

Could any experts help me with add a pool in JSP?



i used following code (From:, but i always get error message.



Also please paste code about how to add more than 1 pool member, thanks.







iControl.CommonIPPortDefinition[] membersToAdd = new iControl.CommonIPPortDefinition[1];


membersToAdd[0] = new iControl.CommonIPPortDefinition("", 80);


m_interfaces.getLocalLBPool().create(pool_names, lb_methods, membersToAdd);



Error Message:




Description Resource Path Location Type


The method create(String[], LocalLBLBMethod[], CommonIPPortDefinition[][]) in the type LocalLBPoolBindingStub is not applicable for the arguments (String[], LocalLBLBMethod[], CommonIPPortDefinition[]) my.jsp /iControlDEMO/WebContent line 87 JSP Problem


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  • i've used following code, it works now.




    String[] pool_names = { "test_pool" };


    iControl.LocalLBLBMethod[] lb_methods = new iControl.LocalLBLBMethod[1];


    lb_methods[0] = iControl.LocalLBLBMethod.LB_METHOD_ROUND_ROBIN;


    CommonIPPortDefinition[][] membersToAdd = new CommonIPPortDefinition[1][1];


    CommonIPPortDefinition member1 = new CommonIPPortDefinition();






    membersToAdd[0][0] = member1;


    m_interfaces.getLocalLBPool().create(pool_names, lb_methods,membersToAdd);