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May 07, 2012

Action reporting




I have problems with pools activity. Several people are doing changes on pools (which is desired) but once a while there is undesired effect of such changes.


What I am looking for is best way how can I get instant information of when who changed what and how.


The best would be:



time_stamp geoff monitor_status_down session_status_down general_pool



Is something like this possible? What is the best way for it? iControl feed / snmp or any other way? The best would be to either have this sent out by snmp or by an email instantly when change happens.



Thanks much for advise





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  • Hi Radim,



    You can enable MCP and bigpipe logging under System | Logs | Options to have LTM record the changes administrators make to the configuration. If you want to send this logging remotely you could configure remote logging:



    sol11723: Filtering log messages sent to remote syslog servers (9.4.x - 10.x)




    sol13333: Filtering log messages sent to remote syslog servers (11.x)