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Sep 07, 2011

Access to Exchange 2010 OWA

We have a working Exchange 2010 environment. We wan to insert the F5 to do the load balancing of the CAS servers. We followed the design guide and for the most part the F5 is doing its job. However, if we enter invalid credentials (or simply click the logon button without even entering credentials, the F5 presents us with the Outlook Web App logon screen. I think this means that I need to go into the access policy and use VPE to edit the policy. The logic seems confusing to me so I'm hoping someone can tell me what I need to edit to deal with this. I simply need to pass the username and password (no need for F5 to do any authentication) to OWA and deal with the situation where the user enters invalid credentials. Thank you in advance.

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    The access policy should definitely prevent you from getting to that screen if authentication fails. It sounds like one of the fallback actions may be to allow access. Can you post the policy steps here?


  • Are you using APM? I am a bit confused, as the use case you describe does not imply that you need to use APM at all, so you shouldn't need to use VPE.

    Yes, I am using APM. And you're right, there really is no need to use APM in my environment. I removed the access policy and the F5 is simply being used for load balancing at the moment. Thank you for your input.