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Nov 18, 2021

4450 Platform limit

Hi ,


I have a 4800 chassis with 2 4450 blades Big-ip 14.1.4 sw release using LTM .


I notice at statistics->dashboard-> throughput all there is a field Platform limit : 72 Gbps . What does that means ? Is the chassis throughput limit ? Is the throughput limit for one 4450 blades or the total throughput for both 4450 blades ? And this throughput conserns the service throughput or is it per direction ( in or out ) ?

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  • that is kinda odd as the 4450 blades themselves have a much higher throughput (which is combined in / out i believe), are you looking at a vCMP guest with limited amount of vCPU perhaps?


    if you have a support contract for sure also open a ticket for this.