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Mar 03, 2011

301 Redirect to different port (iRule "Rewrite Redirect"

I currently have an issue where a client of mine is producing (301 302 305 etc...) redirects for certain traffic arriving on The current iRule was not set up by me, and I believe is producing the wrong result. Redirects are being translated to



I need the redirects to simply go to



Do I need to change my iRule below? or Will "Rewrite Redirect" solve the issue?



This iRule is listening for the server's redirect then trying to change the URL.





if { [HTTP::is_redirect] } {


HTTP::respond 301 Location "[string map { http:// https:// } [HTTP::header Location]]"








Any help would be awesome. Thanks.





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    That's because your iRUle is simply replacing http:// with https://. My more generic one that I usually implement uses the host: header to generate the redirect. e.g. (No checking, so probably some typos in here)

      when HTTP_REQUEST {
        Check if Host header value has a length
       if {[string length [HTTP::host]]}{
           Redirect to the requested host and URI (minus the port if specified)
          log local0. "ssl-redirect-301 https://[getfield [HTTP::host] ":" 1][HTTP::uri]"
          HTTP::respond 301 Location https://[getfield [HTTP::host] ":" 1][HTTP::uri]
       } else {
           Redirect to VIP's IP address
          log local0. "ssl-redirect-301 https://[IP::local_addr][HTTP::uri]"
         HTTP::respond 301 Location https://[IP::local_addr][HTTP::uri]

  • Hi David,

    It doesn't make sense to replace any 30x redirect with a 301 as that tells the client and any intermediate web proxies to cache the response. As you said, you could try using the rewrite redirect option on the HTTP profile. Or you could adapt a or precise iRule:

    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
        Check if server response is a redirect
       if { [HTTP::header is_redirect]} {
           Log original and updated values
          log local0. "Original Location header value: [HTTP::header value Location],\
             updated: [string map ":[TCP::remote_port]/ / http:// https://" [HTTP::header value Location]]"
           Do the update, replacing :8080/ with / (where 8080 is the pool member's port) and http:// with https://
          HTTP::header replace Location [string map ":[TCP::remote_port]/ / http:// https://" [HTTP::header value Location]]