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Dec 05, 2022

201 Recommendations for Study

Hello mates,

I am a new member of the forum 😀

I have to retake my 201 exam again in February and it´s been a while since the last time I touch a F5 device. I tried to look for the PDF which, as I remember, it was pretty solid material for the exam and the last time, I was able to pass the exam at the first attempt by only using the study guide and a F5 device I had on the lab.

But I´ve seen recently that the guide is not longer available where it was:

May you kindly recommend me documentation and good material for my study.

Much appreciate it!


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  • As far as I'm aware, the study guide was discontinued due to the time/resource constraints with keeping it up-to-date. These are quite nice though; and as you mentioned, the blueprint itself is a great place to start. 

    A while ago, I've written some articles about the exam process and how to to prepare for it, maybe there are some more useful tips in there;

    And a specific one about study resources; 

    Hope this helps, 


  • Hi Gondomai,

    Alex's links are good, but it may be hard to follow a bunch of posts, and is a paid service.

    If you google it you can still find some old versions of the guide, I think. For the 201, hands-on experience is really the best way to almost guarantee a good result.

    If you want to keep up with F5 technology and news, devcentral's youtube channel is also a nice source of information.


  • Hey Gondomai 

    Many has already shared a lot of material for the 201 exam and I can give some of my input. I'm the co-author of the 201 book that can be purchased from and I have spent a lot of time working on creating material for both the 101 and 201 exams. 

    When we first released the 201 book, if you could remember everything from the 730 pages you could go and write and get a score well beyond the passing grade. One of the people from the beta period gained access to the entire book to assist with proof reading and he took the exam shortly after and passed with flying colors. He said that the exam did not have a single question that wasn't covered by the book. 

    Right now it's hard to tell how accurate our book is since 4 years have passed but since the 201 exam covers LTM specific topics with hands-on expertise, I'd say it still is highly relevant for this current exam. At least I have not heard any specific topic that is missing. But of course we have made it as a paid service because the entire book has been created on our sparetime and has some costs involved to cover services where we sell the book and to the designers that helped create the cover to make it look as good as possible. Our book also have lab exercises and a guide to set up your own lab with pre-built ova machines which you can find here: Building your own Lab - F5 Books.

    But if you still want to just use the free guide, as other has mentioned it's just a google search away. I don't want to share it here because F5 has themselves pulled them back due to the extensive work of keeping them updated and relevant. 

    Something that has not been mentioned is that F5 has practice exams that cost 25$ to take but it will give an indication of how you will perform if you were to take the exam with your current knowledge. I usually go through them just to see if I got any blind spots that I need to refresh since even though I work as a full time F5 consultant, sometimes you don't get to work with a product or feature and have to strictly rely on theoretical skills. You can find the practice exams over here: Exam Studio - Candidate Portal

    Good luck on your future exam!

    Philip Jönsson

  • Thank you so much everyone for your answers.

    I think all the info you've provided to me is more than enough to have a good starting and good material. The rest is just up to me.