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Mar 18, 2011

.Net Remoting and LTM - across static ports

Greetings All,



Looking for someone who can give a little insight into .Net Remoting and LB with LTM.



We are seeing a strange behavoir on our LTMs.



We have our .Net Remoting Apps set up on static ports. We use iRules to direct traffic to the raw TCP port.



TCP is the only monitoring we are doing.



(2) pool members for each pool.



Everyday we see the F5 mark all the ports (10 of them)for member 1 as unavavilable.



The .Net remoting services are still running and a netstat shows all the ports listening.



Since we are doing raw TCP connections is there anything I need to be aware of or look for on the F5 that would cause them to report down, even though the server reports they are up?



A restart of the services re-enables them on the LTM.



I can connect to the server so, I know the stack is good.



Any one else hear or see this?



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