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wrong # of arguments"][table set monitor offline indef indef HTTP::respond 200 content "offline"]


hi expert

i want to deploy to monitor ccu based on thus article but when i created  vpn_ccu_monitor_irule  result error like this

what is that mean  (deploy refer this link


how to solve this





@herdi Did you copy and paste the iRule because it seems that based on your spacing that you might have typed it out and missed something along the way.

the irule was solved, i just make seprate for HTTP::respond like below

table set monitor online indef indef
HTTP::respond 200 content "online" }

i have done with this scenario but treshold occur but nothing happend or disable on node 

how to check the ical i just created work or no because irule statistic execution 0


iCall is just a scheduler, it's pretty much a crontab job that will "survive" upgrades and reboots since it's coded into the configuration files. 

Use tmsh show sys icall to display the runtime info, like this: 


Sys::iCall::Periodic Handler: *****-scheduler
Number of times handler signalled 15.4K
Number of times handler ran 15.4K
Creation time 06/16/23 16:38:15
Current status active
Time since last status change 06/16/23 16:38:15


In the article you provided, it runs this command: exec perl /shared/scripts/

- This files needs to exist, and as the article says it should have the execution permissions (chmod +x) 
- You should try to run this script manually at least once, before attempting to schedule it. This way you'll see if it runs properly, or if it returns errors. 
- One thing I noticed, the script calls for the #!/usr/bin/perl -w interpreter. 
I know that the perl interpreter was moved to /bin/perl in more recent versions (run which perl to find it), as I've had to correct this syntax on multiple scripts I was using. 
- I'm not sure if the script returns anything into output. It's a good idea to add some "echo $variable" commands during the debugging, to confirm everything works properly. 



Looks like there is also a perl script in play. As @Paulius mentioned, your copy and paste isn't working.. all of the HTTP::respond should be on new lines. Also, in this example code, we are only setting table variables and responding with a status. BUT.. in testing you need to specify the correct path at the end -- for example.

If you are over your skis here, I always suggest engaging professional services for complex iRules.


i have done this error on irule, 

how to makesure ical work properly because i have tested and when treshold ccu occured but node still work